Student Concession SmartRider Cards: FAQs for Students, Parents & Guardians

All West Australian Department of Education primary and secondary public school students, can purchase Student concession SmartRider cards online. Students of private schools, that have registered for online purchasing with Monitor WA, can also purchase Student concession SmartRider cards online.
For a current list of registered schools, click here: List of schools registered for online purchases

Click the following link to the Department of Transport, they offer proof of age cards.

It costs $5.00 to purchase a student SmartRider (both new and replacement SmartRider cards), the cost of which will be charged to the nominated credit card.

Primary school students can obtain their first Student SmartRider card at no cost by filling out the physical Application for Student SmartRider form and posting it to Monitor WA (instructions are on the back of the application form).
Click here to download an Application Form for Student SmartRider.

Please note: Prior to use, a minimum of $10.00 must be added to SmartRider cards to use them to pay for Transperth fares. For further information on how to add value to your SmartRider, visit the Transperth Website

  • Contact the Transperth Infoline on 13 62 13. They will be able to place a stop to anyone using your SmartRider by placing that card on a HotList. In 24 hours the card will be disabled. To apply for a replacement card, you will need to apply the same way you did the first time i.e. through this web site or with a manual form.

The payment process is handled by Eway who specialise in online payments and is a reputable, established Australian company. More information on Eway can be found on their web site

When a replacement card is issued, funds from your previous SmartRider card should transfer automatically to your new SmartRider card. If this does not happen, please call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13 (TIS: 13 14 50).

All online card orders are printed the next working day after you have completed the online purchase order.

All cards are sent via Australian Post Regular Mail. Please allow 10 buisness days for the order to arrive.

If your school is not registered for online ordering then you will need to complete the manual Application for Student SmartRider form located here: Manual Form,

Monitor WA requird the physical form to be stamped and signed by the school. Do Not attempt to fax or scan this form as it will not be processed.

Please read the form carefully before signing and submitting it.

No, you will need to apply for your student SmartRider card next year.

No. Any funds you add to the card using the BPay number on the card, can only be used on Transperth facilities. Please contact your school directly, for information on how to add funds for school services.

The Public Transport Authority (PTA) is happy to replace SmartRider cards if they are determined to be a faulty card and no physical damage has been done to make it faulty. The most common form of damage to a card is cracks or dents on the cards surface, both of which will damage the electronics inside the card and render the card unusable.

The following steps should be taken if the card appears to be faulty but shows no sign of damage:

  • The student (or guardian) should phone the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13 (TIS: 13 14 50).
  • The operator will check the details of the card on the SmartRider system and ask a few simply questions as to the nature of the problem.
  • If the SmartRider system shows no cause for the card not to be working properly, the student will be prompted to complete a Student SmartRider Faulty Card Report Form (Click here to download this form).
  • The next step for obtaining a replacement SmartRider card will be dependent on whether the student's school is a participating school or not (students will need to contact their school administration if they do not know whether their school is a participating school).

Participating School

Students will need to bring their completed form and faulty SmartRider card to their school administration and request that they place an order for a replacement card.

If there are no physical signs of damage the school will order a replacement SmartRider card for the student and send the card with the completed form to Monitor WA as advised on the form.

Upon receiving the faulty SmartRider card, Monitor WA will inspect the card for any physical damage. If the card is found to be faulty, a replacement SmartRider card will be sent to the school for the student to collect at no charge to the school or student.
If the SmartRider card is not deemed to be faulty, the damage will be highlighted on the card and sent back to the school. It is the schools responsibility to provide the student with their returned, original SmartRider card.

Non-Participating School

Students will need to send their completed form and faulty SmartRider card to the address provided on the form. If the card is found to be faulty, a new SmartRider card will be returned to the student with all details and funds from their faulty card transferred to their new SmartRider card.

If the card is not found to be faulty, the card will not be replaced but returned to the student advising of the required action.

No. You can only have 1 SmartRider concession card, per valid Student. Ordering a second card will automatically de-activate the previous student concession card.